Maus Stixx


Maus Stixx is a fire suppression sticker that protects against cabinet fires for five years. It is ideal for electrical distribution boards as well as other enclosed electrical spaces such as:

  • refrigerator/freezer, washing machine/tumble dryer
  • in a boat-engine space
  • in a camper; photovoltaic regulator

Maus Stixx quickly fights the fire when the product is exposed at a temperature of 380°C (this is typically within three to five seconds of the fire starting). A chemical reaction releases harmless inert gases that encapsulate and extinguish the burning particles in the space.

Fires can occur in white goods when dust collects on the compressors and cooling coils that clog air circulation. Heat from a compressor may be enough for the dust to ignite, or the insulation material in appliance may also ignite.

Simply remove the protective film on the Maus Stixx and apply the sticker side directly above the compressor of the appliance.


  • compact (mm) 100 x 50 cm x 5
  • standalone unitnon-pressurisedresidue-free technology
  • will not harm any engine, electrical or electronic devices
  • easily installed (competent person required)
  • maintenance free
  • guaranteed for five years
  • fast response three to five seconds (when temperature reaches 380°C)
  • non-toxic, harmless potassium mix

Recommended quantities for appliance types:

  • electrical cabinet 1 to 4
  • washing machine 3
  • tumble dryer 3
  • fridge 1
  • freezer 1
  • electric box in boat or camper van 1 to 2

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