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Our products are at the forefront of the fire safety market, offering innovative and safety focused fire protection equipment. From Fall Arrest to Fire Extinguishers, our products ensure the safety of your site, workers and the general public. Our full range of fire safety products are also available for short-term or long-term hire.

Fire Safety Solutions

Bull Products specialises in fire safety on construction sites. We have an in-depth understanding of the complex legislation that covers this environment.


Bull Products operates in a wide range of markets in the construction industry, from the high profile construction of new landmarks, to major housebuilding sites, shipbuilding, and infrastructure projects, from far below ground to extremely high-rise; our range of fire safety products is suited to all these markets.

If your site requires it, our temporary and portable Cygnus fire detection and alarm system can be transported as any site changes or grows, offering a cost-effective and re-usable temporary fire and first aid alarm solution.

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