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22 Bishopsgate

  • 10th Sep 2020

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22 Bishopsgate





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The tallest tower in the heart of London has been protected with over 150 of our SiteProtect alarm units.

22 Bishopsgate is a 62-storey skyscraper that has now reached its highest point. Once complete, it will house 12,000 workers and include a range of restaurants and shops.

Bull has installed its Fire Call Point & First Aid Alarm and the SiteProtect Detector Interface Unit. The Fire Call Point & First Aid Alarm provides a cost-effective and reliable solution for construction sites. By having a first aid alarm on site, workers can ensure first aiders are notified immediately of any incident and its location, thus providing maximum protection in an emergency.

“This large-scale project required an alarm system that could work effectively across several floors to provide maximum safety and protection to workers. Our wireless fire alarm system is the ideal solution as it can connect up to 480 individual units in 15 different zones.”

Bradley Markham


Bull Products Ltd

For heightened out of hours protection, the SiteProtect Wireless Alarm combined with 3G Auto Dialler has also been installed.

The Auto Dialler ensures that the site manager is notified if an activation or intrusion has occurred onsite. When the system is triggered, the recipients will get a notification to state when the system was activated, what type of activation has triggered the system, and if it initiated from a unit or the control panel.

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