The Heritage Sector

Preserving a nation’s cultural heritage is vital for its economy, traditions, and beliefs.



How Bull Products help the heritage sector

“Fire is still the greatest single risk to our cultural heritage. Once established and without robust control measures in place, a fire has the potential to destroy the historic fabric completely, with the inevitable damage to valuable contents”

Charlie Harris

National Fire Adviser for Historic England

February 2021

During any renovation work a building can become even more vulnerable to fire, especially with the risks created by machinery and hot work equipment.

To preserve listed and iconic buildings during renovation work, contractors rely on the experience of the Bull Products team to supply and install the SiteProtect fire detection and alarm system for a reliable, temporary alarm solution that needs no hard-wiring, covers a large and complex area, and grows with the needs of the site.

SiteProtect provides out of hours protection and a wireless solution for maximum safety and mobility, but with minimum invasive installation requirements.

Bull Products can also supply fire extinguishers, fire trollies, and fire and first aid responder stations to ensure iconic buildings are protected through every stage of any renovation or restoration project.