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Bristol Apartments

  • 31st Mar 2021

Project Title

Bristol Apartments




Refurb & Fitout

Bull Products protects iconic Bristol apartments with Linear Heat Cable solution

Bull Products has provided an effective solution to protect a 10-storey block of privately-owned apartments from fire risk during a renovation programme. Situated above a city centre shopping mall, the apartment building is currently undergoing works to replace external cladding. The work follows recommendations by Dame Judith Hackitt in her report, Building a Safer Future, for a more robust approach to managing higher risk residential buildings (HRRBs).

As the apartment complex remains occupied during its renovation, the building’s insurance company also stipulated that any external and scaffold areas needed to be alarmed to protect the residents and property from fire risk. Conventional fire detection was considered unsuitable for the project so an alternative solution was needed.

Bull Products recommended the installation of its linear heat cable (LHC), where lengths of cable were installed under the 10 floors of wooden decks and around the scaffold surrounding the entire building. If a fire occurs, the core and insulation of the linear heat cable are designed to burn and fuse at a pre-determined 65ºC, 85ºC or 100ºC, which causes a short circuit. The linear heat cable is cleverly integrated with Bull Products’ SiteProtect Wireless System, which then triggers the alarm, and alerts safety managers to the incident, including out of hours.

“Any potential fires on the building’s scaffolding could affect the renovation programme whilst also putting residents at risk. We recommended our Linear Heat Cable because of its suitability for exterior works and the comprehensive protection it provides. This innovative, bespoke solution is ideal for scaffolding areas and ensures the site is protected 24 hours a day. The project will be completed in 2022 and our linear heat cable coupled with the SiteProtect Wireless System will protect the residents from fire risk until the renovation programme is complete.”

James Gilligan

Head of Technical

Cygnus Group Ltd

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