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Finsbury Circus

  • 24th Oct 2022

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Finsbury Circus




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KPH Deconstruction Services

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Bull Products, a manufacturer of life-saving fire protection equipment, has installed its SiteProtect Wireless Alarm System at Salisbury House in Finsbury Circus as part of a comprehensive on-site fire safety strategy.

The grade II listed building, located in the historic Finsbury Circus, Central London, is currently undergoing extensive remodelling behind its retained facade.

Given the historic and architectural value of the early 19th Century building, along with the size and complexity of the structure, great care was taken to ensure the building remained safe and secure during the construction phase. The SiteProtect Wireless Alarm system was selected on account of its reputation as the most adaptable and reliable temporary mesh fire alarm system for use in the construction industry.

Working in conjunction with KPH Deconstruction, Bull Products also supplied SiteProtect panels, call points, heat detectors, and smoke detectors, which were strategically placed throughout the building for maximum coverage and early detection.

The SiteProtect system can link up to 480 individual devices in 15 different zones, ideal for the 8 storey building requiring individual zones per floor on the fire protection system. The tactical zoning method ensures optimal connectivity while minimising the probability of clashes, with each device acting as a booster device. Working as a self-contained unit, SiteProtect wireless alarms are engineered for easy installation and uninstallation, offering convenient flexibility as the site progresses from the earliest stages of design and procurement, right through to project completion.


“The advanced capabilities of the SiteProtect Wireless Alarm System, and its reliability in meeting the demands of any temporary construction, make it a top choice for both fire protection and peace of mind. The solution ensures maximum safety and mobility with minimum invasive installation requirements, making it fully capable of protecting any project during the construction phase.”

Carl Skoyles

Sales Executive

Bull Products Ltd

“Bull Products carried out the installation of their temporary fire alarm to protect the building during the deconstruction and construction phases at 1-5 London Wall. The service provided was exemplary with an available contact at hand throughout the entire process, from tender to installation to commissioning. The system installed is the best I have used in over 20 years in the business, simple to install, use and maintain. An all-round professional job and a finished product we can rely upon.”

Kevin Rumley

KPH Deconstruction

For more information, contact Bull on 01432 806 806, visit or email