Case study

Shell Building

  • 3rd Jul 2023

Project Title

Shell Building


The Hague, Holland


Refurb and Fitout

Main Contractors

BAM Construction


The Grade II listed building, which has been established for more than 100 years, started showing serious signs of decay. In order to restore the building to its original state, major restoration work was required, during which time an alarm system was vital in order to protect the property.

After a Dutch Shell Project Manager saw the SiteProtect system in-situ at Shell London they were confident that it would be ideal during the renovation of their headquarters in The Netherlands. There is so much historical significance and important architectural impact that needed to be preserved, therefore it was crucial that a reliable and adaptable alarm system was installed to protect the building to the highest standards.

More than 100 alarm units have been installed on site including the SiteProtect Control Panel, SiteProtect Repeater Unit, SiteProtect Heat Detector and its First Responder Station with the Fire Call Point and First Aid Alarm. The systems will be in place up until the project is complete. In the eaves alone there are over 26 heat detectors protecting the Grade II timber structure; some of which installed on bespoke rafter brackets which create a flat surface for the detector to be fixed to.

Over 50 of the first responder stations have also been installed throughout the building, each station includes a SiteProtect combined fire call point and first aid alert alarm. SiteProtect heat detector units are installed throughout the building as well as two Control Panels; one located at the site security room, and the other at the works site entrance. All of the SiteProtect units that have been installed within the building communicate wirelessly with each other and to both control panels via class 1 radio frequency.

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