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Local Authority Housing Scheme, London

  • 7th Jun 2021

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Local Authority Housing Scheme, London




Refurb & Fitout

Bull Products provides on-going fire protection solution at local authority housing scheme

Bull Products has supplied a fire protection solution for 24 apartments at a local authority housing scheme in London.

The housing scheme provides permanent accommodation for local residents and in 2020, it was identified that some of the residents were using disposable BBQs on their balconies which was not permitted.

As the apartment balconies and the building’s communal walkways were timber-decked, this presented a significant fire risk and the council needed to implement a 24/7 solution that would protect both the residents and the property.  A staffed ‘waking watch’ was initially hired to monitor any activity which increased fire risks, however, a long-term, cost-effective automated detection solution was required.

Bull Products assessed the apartment building and recommended its linear heat cable (LHC) as the ideal solution to mitigate risk in an exterior area.

Linear heat cables were installed under the decking of each balcony. If a fire should break out, the core and insulation of the LHC are designed to burn and fuse at a pre-determined 65ºC, 85ºC or 100ºC, which causes a short circuit. This in turn triggers the SiteProtect Wireless System and then communicates back to the Estates Department with an alarm.


“Our Linear Heat Cable solution has been used in temporary scaffolding around apartment blocks as there is minimal chance of a false alarm. But this application shows it is also ideal for on-going use in exterior spaces as an alternative to an electric detector because it is robust in all weathers and environments. The installation of our linear heat cable has provided peace of mind for the local authority housing scheme for more than a year. It works seamlessly with our SiteProtect Wireless System so that the Estates Department is immediately alerted to any potential fire hazards around the building’s exterior, where protected.”

James Gilligan

Head of Technical

Bull Products Ltd

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