Mobile Detection Device


The trolley detector pole enables detectors to be installed with speed and ease. This kit includes a bracket, pole and detector and is designed to be fixed to a Fire First Responder Station trolley.

The detector is hard wired to an alarm which is fixed onto the trolley and is only compatible with 2 units from the Cygnus range; the Fire Call Point Alarm (CYG2L) and the 85dB Fire Call Point Alarm (CYG2/85DBL).

This design has made installation of temporary detection quick and easy and enables detectors to be relocated around the site as and when is necessary. This product reduces costs by eliminating the need for radio link detectors, and the labour and tools needed for a fixed installation.

The pole can be secured at different heights, positioning the detector at a minimum height of 2.1m and maximum height of 3.2m from the floor. The overall length of the pole is 2.04m.

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