500 Litre Oil Only Spill Kit in Wheeled Bin


This 500L Oil Spill Kit Wheeled Bin has been designed to absorb oil and fuel, utilising the advanced Hydrophobic technology, meaning that they are completely water repellent and will only absorb oils and fuel. As well as helping you conform with current legislation, our oil only products will enable you to provide complete protection of your work environment.

This kit includes:
– 300 x 1.5mm elite dimpled pads
– 150 x 3mm elite dimpled pads
– 28 x 1.2m elite socks
– 24 x pillows
– 32 x clear, yellow or blue refuse sacks with cable ties
– 1 x self-standing hazard spill sign
– 1 x roll of yellow/black hazard tape
– 0.5kg leak block granules
– 1 x Yellow 500L bin (4 wheels with drop front)
– 1 x instruction sheet

Available in other sizes. Bespoke kits also available.

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