COVID-19 Protection

Bull’s new range of COVID-19 protection products includes both 70% and 75% alcohol and alcohol-free hand and surface sanitisers, in bottles and containers from 250ml to 5ltr.

This range of products is available to buy from, the e-shop for Bull Products.

Mobile or temporary wash and sanitising stations can have bespoke branding and signage and include either 70/75% alcohol or alcohol-free hand sanitiser, dispensed via pumps from 5ltr containers, and even clean running water.

PPE includes face masks and visors suitable for various environments that meet required standards for construction and can be used in other commercial or industrial environments too. FFP3 masks protect against aerosol particles in all environments, and helmet-mounted visors help protect construction and other industrial workers.

A brand new range of cleaning products has been selected for particular use on construction sites, but can also be effective in other commercial, industrial or healthcare locations.  It includes virucidal cleaners and spray systems.

The temperature checking section includes products and systems from individual forehead temperature measuring to checking the face temperatures of up to 40 people simultaneously, for entrance ways and large sites.

Read the current guidance on protecting workers in the UK during COVID-19:

Construction Leadership Council – Construction sector site operating procedures protecting your workforce during coronavirus (COVID-19)

GOV.UK – Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) including sector guidance for construction sites

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