Site safety

Introducing SmartGate


Smart Solutions for a Secure Site

The Bull Products SmartGate System offers ultimate site safety and complete control of access to sites.

The ‘off the shelf’ solution from Bull Products uses access controls software with facial recognition, proximity, or QR readers to allow entry. The turnstiles also have the ability to interface with temporary emergency alarm systems, which allow the turnstile to rotate freely in the event of an emergency, enabling speedy evacuation from the site. Most commonly, the Cygnus Wireless Alarm Systems are used for this.


The SmartGate range

The SmartGate range includes full-size cabins and both full-size, single and double turnstiles. and half-height turnstiles to suit specific site conditions.  All are fully-customisable.

Available from UK stock for hire or purchase, SmartGate offers all the advantages of off-site induction and enrolments, to ensure cost- and time-efficient compliance, occupancy management, hands-free entry, and temperature scanning, and even hand sanitising.

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Facial Recognition Capability

Construction environments include high levels of dirt, grease and dust which is then also present on the skin. This debris can often hinder biometric security systems from functioning effectively. Facial recognition overcomes these obstacles, while also reducing contamination from fingerprint biometric systems.

SmartGate facial recognition access controls allows for a high number of uniquely identifiable data points to be recognised and used for a more accurate, reliable and efficient verification process. This system integrates with the turnstile range, for complete indoor or outdoor site safety.

IP67 rated so it can function in all weather conditions and with an IK10 rating, it is suitable for the harsh environment of the construction sector.


Proximity Reader and QR Reader

Ideal for construction sites of all sizes, SmartGate offers the safe and simple solution to keep track of operatives who are present on site.

Access to the site may be given via facial recognition, proximity reader, or QR reader.

All three options monitor exactly who’s on the construction site and captures data that enables the site manager and the finance department to accurately calculate time and payments to sub-contractors.

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Proximity reacder Proximity Reader PSU & ACU QR Reader

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How does the SmartGate System work?

step 1

HQ set-up

Contractor sets up sub-contractor on web portal via an email invitation to carry out online enrolment and induction.


step 2

Online induction

Sub-contractor carries out online enrolment and induction via web portal before arriving at site. Sub-contractor adds their staff and shares link with them for them to complete online enrolment process.


step 3

Saved to the cloud

The induction and enrolment details are saved to the portal and stored on the cloud, ready for final on-site ID verification.


step 4

Site manager authorisation

(Optional) Site manager logs onto portal to check relevant information and accept sub-contractor (and operatives).


step 5

Enable credentials

Sub-contractor and operatives arrive at site and site manager enables their credentials. Options for reader format include; Proximity Reader, Facial Recognition, QR Reader or Fingerprint Recognition.


step 6

Syncing the credentials

Information syncs to controller allowing sub-contractor/operative credentials to access site.


step 7

On-site access

The sub-contractor/operative arrives at the site and enters via the turnstile using the selected smart reader access controls.  The site manager has a record of the sub-contractor/operative’s presence on-site, until they exit and record their leaving via the smart reader controls.