EVAC+ Wireless Evacuation Alarm


EVAC+ Wireless Evacuation Alarm



The Bull Evac + Wireless fire alarm system is a unique simple system comprised of few components to maximise ease of use and simplicity whilst on site. Its extensive mesh wireless network ensures signals rebound easily around a building in any circumstance.

The system has been designed to meet cost budgets on projects whilst maintaining essential functionality and means of aiding an escape should a fire break out.

  • 434MHz radio meshing signal (class 1)
  • No wires
  • IP rated external call points
  • Automatic system check
  • Digital control panel for 32 addressable devices
  • Mountable to construction stands
  • Exceptionally easy to install
  • Battery operated alkaline/lithium
  • Personalise with company logo
  • 85dB and 110dB versions
  • 12 month warranty
  • Event logs