Turnstiles and Access Control Systems for Construction

Smart Solutions for a Secure Site

The Bull Products SmartGate System offers ultimate site security and complete control of access to construction sites.

Five standard full- and half-height turnstiles and cabins can be integrated with facial recognition, proximity reader, or QR reader smart access controls, for the ultimate site safety and effective ‘time & attendance’ management solutions.

In addition, the SmartGate integrated software enables off-site induction and enrolments, to ensure cost and time-efficient compliance.

The turnstile and control solutions are all customisable and are suitable for smaller sites and also for allowing larger volumes of people to access sites via a complex system of multiple entry and exit points.

The turnstiles can interface with temporary emergency alarm systems, to allow them to rotate freely in the event of an emergency, enabling speedy evacuation from the site. Most commonly, the Cygnus Wireless Alarm System is used for this.

“Bull Products has further improved the highly successful SmartGate turnstiles system for the benefit of our customers,” said Matt Trigwell, Sales Director.

“The updated complete access control solution combines a choice of turnstiles and smart readers that best suit any specific site. The versatility of facial recognition avoids the hazards of fingerprint biometrics, and proximity reader cards or fobs, or even QR readers via the worker’s phone, avoid the need to issue any access device.

“Our team has sourced the very best solutions to offer construction the most effective but versatile access control system to sites of any size.”

All SmartGate turnstiles and access control solutions include on-site delivery and installation, training, and full engineer back-up service.

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