Top Ways To Protect Your Site From Intruders

It is reported that the construction industry loses £800 million each year on average due to theft and vandalism. As well as the cost, it can ruin a company’s reputation and have devastating consequences during site work, including major project delays.

Here at Bull, we strive to ensure your site and workers are kept safe, and protected from intruders as we know the impact it can have on a business. Read our top ways to protect your site from intruders.

  1. Wireless fire alarms

In order to protect your site, it’s important to ensure your site is fully equipped with the correct alarm systems that will deter intruders in their tracks and protect your site when it matters the most. Our Cygnus Wireless Alarm system includes a PIR Intruder Sensor. The sensors are activated by using the menu settings on the control panel, and if an intruder passes the sensor when in activation mode, it will cause the local alarm to sound.

  1. Maintenance

Having the right equipment on site is one thing but it’s also important to ensure the equipment is regularly maintained to ensure it performs to the highest standards. We recommend checking the alarm systems before work begins on site and every three months. It’s imperative to record any hazards during site work to ensure your site and workers are protected from intruders and are prepared next time around.

  1. Signage

A simple sign can act as a deterrent and will ensure an intruder is aware that the site is protected. Signage should be placed in prominent positions around the site such as entry points, gates and exits. Clear signage will also ensure members of the public can report anything suspicious and report the activity immediately.

  1. Training

In order to keep workers safe on site, it’s crucial that workers are aware of any potential risks on site and are aware of what to do should an intrusion occur. Trained staff will be more alert on site and therefore will know what suspicious activity to look out for, how to report this, and how to ensure this can be minimised next time around.

Specialist advice from the experts

At Bull, we’re always looking at ways to protect workers and sites to the highest health and safety standards possible, by providing customers with innovative safety solutions to meet their needs.

The Cygnus Wireless Alarm is a high performance early warning system, suitable for even the largest and most complex of construction sites, and will keep your site and workers safe 24/7.

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