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Housebuilding currently accounts for 60% of new construction work in the UK[1], and with the current housing crisis, more and more homes are required each year. With the Government’s goal of building 341,000 homes by 2031 in order to meet demand, there will be an increasing number of housebuilding construction sites in development across the UK.

Based on research, we understand that sites require an all-in-one fire safety solution. We have designed a comprehensive housebuilders package, containing everything you need to secure safety onsite for workers and members of the public.

What does the housebuilders package contain?


These act as the central point for fire safety equipment onsite. They feature pre-drilled holes for the fire alarms to be mounted, your chosen site safety signage, two fire extinguishers and are fully customisable to the requirements of your site. There are three sizes of trolley available.

Fire Extinguishers

Choose from a range of extinguishers in different sizes; including water, powder, CO2 and foam. Each extinguisher is designed to tackle different fires and we can advise you on the right extinguisher for your site to ensure maximum protection. These can be housed in a cabinet or on free-standing fire extinguisher points.

Fire Alarms

There are a variety of alarms suitable for the housebuilders package including our range of stand-alone, wired or wireless alarms. These alarms can be located internally or externally in various locations around the site, offering you flexibility.

Supported by our Fire 360 strategy, the housebuilders package offers a comprehensive range of site safety products designed to be fully customised and moved around the site for maximum convenience and cost efficiency.

If your housebuilding site is in need of a customisable and more cost-effective site safety solution, get in touch today on 01432 371170 or email us for a free site survey.