The Cygnus Alarm System So many ways to protect people on site

Most people who are involved with construction site fire safety will know the market leading Cygnus alarm system from Bull Products. The system is trusted by the UK’s leading building contractors to protect building sites from expensive and harmful damage caused by fire.

The Cygnus alarm system is capable of protecting building sites from other risks too. It’s possible to integrate additional applications seamlessly within the Cygnus alarm control panel, producing a host of additional benefits. These include:


The Cygnus ScaffAlarm has been developed to deter break-ins and unauthorised access to high scaffold levels. Up to 32 PIR detectors can be integrated into the system, and when triggered, activate a 110 decibel sounder and beacon alarm.

Crane Alarm

A crane operator could be oblivious to emergencies on the ground, and equally it is problematic for a crane operator to trigger and alarm should he or she become unwell. The Crane alarm has both a call point to raise an alarm, and a sounder and beacon to alert the crane operator to an emergency on-site.

Working at Height Alarm

The working at height alarm has been developed for contractors whilst carrying out dangerous tasks at a height. The unit can be triggered when any unsafe work or emergency occurs to quickly alert the site managers and aid a speedy emergency plan.

Exclusion Zones

Often sites rely on warning cones or tape to denote an exclusion zone where hazardous work is being undertaken. This is a passive approach and does not alert the site management to people or machinery encroaching into the danger zone. The Cygnus exclusion zone alarm detects people entering the area and triggers an alert.

First Aid Alert

If a medical emergency occurs on a building site, it is important to get a first aider or paramedic quickly to the injured person. First Aid alert points located in obvious areas on site, and when well signed, could save a life. The first aid alarm is different to a fire alarm, the alert beeps every 8 seconds at 85 decibels.

Another useful Cygnus alarm product, that can be used to protect scaffolding against a fire, is the linear heat cable. If a fire occurs, the core and insulation of the linear heat cable is designed to burn and fuse at a predetermined 65ºC, 85ºC or 100ºC, which causes a short circuit, thus triggering the Cygnus alarm system

The Cygnus alarm system is much more than a fire protection system for building sites, it can also be  a multifunctional system to offer protection in a variety of ways.

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