Sustainable Safety

Bull Products is committed to sustainable safety. Bull is on a journey to reduce its carbon emissions and eliminate its impact on climate change.

Our objective is to be carbon neutral by 2030. The leadership team at Bull has always been dedicated to ethical and socially responsible business practices and our environmental commitment is determined and focused.

Over time, we will reduce the energy we consume and secure energy supply from sustainable sources. We are changing the way we work. We are focusing our business development on greener and more sustainable products and services.

Bull is leading the way in the market in driving sustainability initiatives to create a zero carbon fire safety industry.

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Energy Consumption

The power consumed by buildings is a major cause of global warming. Minimising consumption will play a key role in the journey to zero carbon. Bull Products already deploys LED lighting in all its offices and warehouses in Hereford. During 2022, Bull will commission a professional energy survey of its estate to develop a further action plan to reduce energy consumption.

In addition, the business will invest in energy efficiency training for all staff, as small changes in behaviour can have a big impact on energy consumption.

Energy Sourcing

Currently, Bull sources its electricity from E.ON and gas from British Gas. Electricity provided under Bull’s tariff from E.ON is 45% from renewable sources.  When the existing electricity contract is due for renewal, Bull will secure electricity supplies on a contract where the percentage of renewables is 70% or more, with the goal of sourcing electricity with 100% renewable sources by 2030.

The business will completely phase out mains gas usage by 2030.

Fleet Management & Operations

Currently the company fleet is fuelled by petrol and diesel. As vehicles are ready to be changed, where possible they will be replaced by hybrid or electric vehicles. By 2030 the entire Bull fleet will be zero carbon.

We employee multi-disciplined engineers who are able to service both fire extinguishers and alarms in one single visit, significantly reducing unnecessary mileage. Storage and distribution centres, along with field service engineers, are dispersed across the U.K. to reduce journey lengths and the excessive movement of products.

Sourcing and Manufacturing

Bull Products is committed to manufacturing products in-house to avoid unnecessary transportation costs. Manufacturing at Bull products is done following the principles of lean processes which minimise waste and the excessive movement of raw materials, work in progress and finished inventory.

Raw materials and components are sourced from local suppliers whenever possible. All suppliers have to complete a sustainability audit in order to be a preferred Bull supplier.

Remanufacturing and Recycling

Bull already has a range of products and services designed to reduce waste and maximise recycling. The business is committed to re-manufacturing products when it is safe and practical to do so.

Fire protection equipment is re-manufactured to reuse the majority of the original product, yet produce a finished product in perfect condition.

Storage and Re-Use

The scrapping of safety products when a development is completed is too frequent and a waste of resources. Bull’s asset management solution enables products to be stored in a safe and secure environment when a site completes, then delivered when required by a new site.

Products included in Bull’s asset management system are serviced, cleaned, certified and securely stored. Bull also offers installation and commissioning of many products in its range. Reusing products through asset management makes ecological and financial sense.

Industry Leadership

The management team at Bull Products will influence and lead environmental initiatives within the fire safety industry to ensure the entire sector can become zero carbon by 2030.

The commitment to zero carbon has been culturally ingrained in the Bull business, with representation within the senior leadership team along with sustainability being a standing agenda item for monthly board meetings.


When companies work with Bull Products, they will have access to statistics and information showing the reductions to carbon emission resulting from the business relationship. These saving can be expressed in a number of ways, examples are shown below:

1022kg of C02 saved

£12,301 saved in energy costs

Equivalent savings of 3,500 miles traveled by car

1,560 trees planted

123 products reused

“Bull Products is on a journey to reduce its carbon emissions to zero by 2030. The directors and management team are focused on taking incisive action to protect the planet now and for future generations.

We are taking incisive action to reduce the environmental impact of our business through a range of initiatives, not least changing the way we work and the products and services we deliver to also reduce our clients’ carbon footprint.”


Ross Markham, Managing Director of Bull Products

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