Keep Your Site Safe with a Fire Point Trolley

According to HSE[1], there are two ways of addressing fire in the construction industry:

  1. Prevent it happening in the first place
  2. Prepare for, and deal with the consequences if it does happen

In order to prevent fires from breaking out in the first place, it’s crucial that the appropriate measures are put in place, including having the correct fire safety equipment on site, which could mean the difference between containing a fire, and a fire spreading further.

As well as the necessary fire safety equipment, it’s imperative to store it correctly so that it’s easily accessible to workers in an emergency. Here at Bull, we provide a range of fire point trolleys, which will ensure your site remains safe, secure, and protected to the highest health and safety standards.

Which Fire Point Trolley do you need?

Double Fire Point Trolley

Fully customisable, our Double Fire Point Trolley comes with your choice of fire extinguishers, the optional rotary alarm bell, and fire bucket. Ideal for use on construction sites, warehouses and workshops, the trolley can be moved around sites with ease to ensure your site is protected when and where it matters the most.

Triple Fire Point Trolley

Offering all the benefits of the Double Fire Point trolley, the Triple Fire Point Trolley is ideal for larger sites that require more protection. It comes with your choice of three fire extinguishers so, whether your site requires a foam extinguisher, a C02 extinguisher, or even a powder extinguisher, you can have all three conveniently stored in one place. The trolley also comes with or without a rotary alarm bell, and a fire bucket.

Large Fire Point Trolley

The Large Fire Point Trolley is available as a wheeled or static model so it can be moved around or placed in one location. Offering the ultimate protection for your site and workers, the Large Fire Point Trolley is fully customisable so whether your site requires fire extinguishers, a wireless fire alarm or signage, you can conveniently store all your fire safety equipment in one place.

Specialist advice you can rely on

At Bull, we supply the building and construction industry with purpose-made, reliable, specialist fire protection.

For advice on customising your trolley, extinguisher combinations and other fire safety information, talk to one of our team of knowledgeable and friendly advisors who can mock up a prototype for you. Contact us on 01432 806806 /


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