Is Your Workplace Safe This Winter?

With winter here, you have to ensure the safety of your employees; with rain, snow and sleet, driveways and yards of offices, factories and manufacturing units can turn slippery, resulting in falls and trips. Also, slippery surfaces are not conducive to vehicle driving and can result in cars, trucks and other vehicles skidding, causing accidents and serious injuries to the driver and other employees.

These accidents can seriously injure your employees, leaving you in the lurch with one less member of staff until they’ve recovered. That is why you should ensure the safety of your workplace this winter but, thankfully, our products here at Bull Products can help you to achieve the best possible site safety.

De-icing Salt
If you want to slip-proof your parking area, office driveway or transportation area, you definitely need de-icing salt. At Bull Products, you can buy a 25 kg bag or two entire pallets containing 80 bags, depending on your needs. Our de-icing salt acts fast, leaving a gritty residue on the surface, and ensuring the feet and wheel get the additional grip they need during icy weather conditions. Our de-icing salt is available in white and brown, and is completely non-toxic.

Salt Spreader
When the area around your workplace gets iced and slippery, it is essential to lay down some of the de-icing salt we mentioned before. However, spreading can be a labour-intensive job; to ensure an even coverage, invest in a salt spreader.

At Bull Products, our salt spreaders are designed to hold all kinds of de-icing salt, such as rock salt, ice melt salt, and even dry sand; they are available in a range of sizes. Our salt spreaders evenly, efficiently and effectively spread salt on different surfaces, including pathways, roads, and other areas with high volume footfalls.

Snow Shovel
Especially after heavy snow, you need to clear out a pathway for employees to reach their workplace. This is when a snow shovel comes handy. Specifically designed for shovelling snow, our snow shovels are lightweight and convenient to use; we offer a range of snow shovels, including manual snow ploughs. Shovelling snow with our snow shovels is easy and quick, and our spades are durable and of the highest quality.

With more than 12 years of experience in retailing fall arrest equipment, general safety equipment and fire protection equipment, Bull Products can make your workplace safe for your workers and employees. We are also an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 certified company, giving you complete confidence in our products and expertise.

You can, therefore, be certain that any product you buy from us is a top-notch offering. If you are looking to make your workplace safe this winter, contact us and we would be happy to help you select the best products for your office/factory.