How to deal with Fire Hazards on site

Many substances found in the workplace can cause fires or explosions. From packaging materials and dusts from wood, these can cause major implications for a company in terms of the costs and the safety of workers.

However, these can be prevented if businesses have the appropriate fire safety measures in place to minimise the risk of injury or loss of life in the event of a fire.

Here are three important steps to ensure your workforce is protected to the highest health and safety standards.

Step one – carry out a risk assessment
Carry out a thorough risk assessment that identifies what could cause a fire to start. Think about the sensible measures that need to be carried out to control the risks in your workforce. According to HSE, you should carry out these five steps:

•    Identify the hazards.
•    Decide who might be harmed and how.
•    Evaluate the risks and decide on precautions.
•    Record your significant findings.
•    Review your assessment and update if necessary.

Step two – take action
Once you’ve identified the risks, you can take appropriate action to control them and consider what measures are needed to reduce or remove the risk of people being harmed.

There are several simple, yet effective actions to take to ensure your business and staff are protected, including the following:

•    Make sure sources of ignition and flammable substances are kept apart.
•    Keep fire exits and escape routes clearly marked and unobstructed at all times.
•    Staff training is crucial – all workers should be aware of emergency procedures to follow, be aware of all the hazards and risks they may face, and be provided with safety information.
•    Have the correct fire-fighting equipment for putting a fire out quickly, and install smoke alarms, fire alarms and bells to ensure your workers are aware of an emergency and can evacuate the building as soon as possible.

Step three – be prepared with the right equipment on site
At Bull, we’re experts in protecting our people and we want to ensure you have all the right equipment on site to deal with any potential hazards. However we appreciate every situation is different – that’s why we supply a wide range of products so you can keep your workplace safe, whatever your environment and risks.

At Bull, we stock and supply a full range of regulation-compliant fire extinguishers (with more than 50 different models listed on our website). From CO2, Water and Foam to Wet Chemical and Water Mist, our fire extinguishers will ensure you’re protected no matter what the situation.

Our fire alarms and detectors also ensure staff are notified of danger and can evacuate the building or construction site. The type of fire alarm detector/s that each business requires will be determined by (amongst other factors), the size and structure of your property, the property use, and the nature of the works carried out on the premises.

Specialist advice you can rely on
At Bull, we supply the building and construction industry with purpose-made, reliable, specialist fire protection.

We pride ourselves on the expertise we give to help businesses meet their legal fire safety obligations. We are always happy to discuss the options available and how our products and services can help meet the needs of individual businesses.

For more information and advice about our building site products, talk to one of our team of knowledgeable and friendly advisors on 01432 806806 /