Fire Extinguisher Trolleys – The Safety Place for Your Equipment

In a fire outbreak, the first point of call is locating the correct fire extinguisher. But precious time can be wasted if the fire extinguishers are not easily accessible to workers.

Here at Bull, we provide a range of Fire Extinguisher Trolleys that have been designed to provide an accessible, convenient, and safe solution for storing fire safety equipment.

So, what are the key benefits?

Fully customisable

No matter how small or large your site is, a Fire Extinguisher Trolley can be fully customised to ensure you have all the equipment you need in one convenient place. Whether you need two or three different types of fire extinguishers, an alarm or signage, a Fire Extinguisher Trolley will ensure your site is fully prepared in an emergency.

Protect your workers and site

The incorrect storage of equipment can often lead to many safety problems including worker injuries, especially if equipment is left out after use. With a Fire Extinguisher Trolley on site, the process of managing your fire safety equipment is much more manageable and in return, your workers and site will be protected.

Easily locatable
It’s important that workers have easy access to equipment so that they can swiftly respond in an emergency – but if they don’t know what they are looking for and where the equipment is located, this can potentially increase the risk on site and waste valuable time. A Fire Extinguisher Trolley is lightweight and has wheels, therefore it can be moved around a site with ease as the project progresses. Even if your site has restricted space, we have a range of trolleys that are suitable for smaller spaces.

Equipment protection
Extremely robust, the trolleys have a red powder coated finish for extra protection and durability, which will ensure your trolleys are protected from the harsh weather conditions all year round.

Which Fire Extinguisher Trolley is suitable for your site?

Double Contractor Fire Extinguisher Trolley
Designed for use on construction sites, or in large factories to draw attention to where the fire equipment is located, our Double Contractor Fire Extinguisher Trolley is suitable for two 9kg / 9ltr fire extinguishers.

Extremely robust, the trolley has a red powder coated finish for extra protection against the elements. The Double Contractor Fire Extinguisher Trolley can also fit through a doorway easily and can be adapted with a cabinet to protect your fire extinguishers from extreme weather conditions and vandalism.

Additionally, there is room for signage, an alarm, and a snap frame to display fire escape routes.

Double Fire Extinguisher Trolley
Constructed from heavy-duty powder coated steel, our Double Fire Extinguisher Trolley is built to last.

Ideal for use on garage forecourts, construction sites, warehouses, chemical plants, exhibition halls and much more, the Double Fire Extinguisher Trolley is designed to carry two extinguishers up to 9kg / 9ltr in size, but it can also be adapted with a cabinet to provide extra protection for your extinguishers from everyday wear and tear.

Suitable for on-site fire protection, our Double Fire Extinguisher Trolley can be combined with a choice of fire extinguishers, and the optional rotary alarm bell and a fire bucket to ensure you have all the equipment you need in one place.

This trolley is also available as a Single Fire Extinguisher Trolley and a Triple Fire Extinguisher Trolley which can carry three 9kg / 9ltr extinguishers so depending on the hazards and materials used on site, you may find that you need different types of fire extinguishers such as a foam extinguisher, a C02 extinguisher, or even a powder extinguisher.

Enhancing our product range
Here at Bull, we’re constantly looking at ways to improve our products to make lives easier for construction companies and M & E contractors.

Recently we have developed our First Responder Stations to now incorporate an optional height-extending pole that is designed to attach to the back of the First Responder Stations.

Unlike mobile first responder stations – which incorporate fire extinguishers and a Cygnus fire alarm – heat and smoke detectors have to be fixed to ceilings or walls using ladders or podiums, which can be cumbersome and impose a risk of a fall from height.

The detector can be used on the Double Contractor Fire Extinguisher Trolley to provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for your business.

The detector is hard wired to the alarm through a spare input and is only compatible with the following Cygnus alarms, CYG2 and CYG2/85DB.

Specialist advice you can count on
At Bull, we supply the building and construction industry with purpose-made, reliable, specialist fire protection.

For advice on customising your trolley, extinguisher combinations and other fire safety information, talk to one of our team of knowledgeable and friendly advisors who can mock up a prototype for you. Contact us on 01432 806806 /