Did you know that our Impact-Bull Air Cushions have a 10 year life span?

Building sites are messy places and some workers may think it impossible for bags to last this long. However, we had a team of ‘bagger boys’ who were servicing the fall arrest bags on a site in Gloucestershire and they serviced a bag that had first been delivered to a site in January 2007! It is more than likely to have been to multiple construction sites, but it proves that it is possible for these bags to last a decade!

To help you look after your equipment, we have compiled a list of things that will have a negative effect on the life span of your air cushions; therefore it is up to the users to eliminate these where possible;

– Leaving bags exposed to elements outside of plots and not weighted down to prevent bags being blown across site, causing damage to bags
– Other building materials placed on top of bags, e.g. bricks, blocks and sharp edged objects
– Being covered in substances such as expanding foam and mortar, causing erosion and damage to bags and buckles.
– Being run over or crushed by machinery or heavy equipment.
– Rough treatment during removal from plot to plot.
– Not carrying out inspections at regular intervals.
– Not clearing rubbish and debris from plots before installing

We understand these bags are awkward to store and transport, that’s why we’ve designed and manufactured the Impact-Bull Air Cushion Stillage. Each stillage can take a maximum of 15 air cushions, and are designed to be moved around the site by a forklift or telehandler.

Should you come across any damaged air cushions during an inspection, these must be marked with a red cross and replaced immediately. These should be disposed of to prevent any unintentional reuse.

Remember, these bags have been purchased by your company to protect your workforce; your duty is to make sure they are inspected regularly and treated with respect; effectively you are ensuring the safety of your co-workers and colleagues.

Please note: this air cushion system is designed to mitigate the worst effects of a fall, however, we do not accept liability for injury or death. By using this product the user takes full responsibility for the use and maintenance of the system. The system is tested to fall height of 2.5m from the top of the bag to the work height, giving a total height of 3.1m from floor to work height. Safe storage procedures should be adhered to; see our online Safety Manual and Reporting Procedures document for more information.

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