Cygnus expands its range to provide for Temporary Accommodation Units (TAUs)

Bull Products has extended the range of Cygnus wireless fire alarms which are for use on construction sites.
The Cygnus HF range has been launched to provide for the unique necessity of wireless alarm systems used in ‘temporary accommodation units’ situated in buildings under refurbishment or construction, or are no more than 10 meters away from these buildings.

The HF range was designed for full compatibility with all Cygnus products used during the construction phase, there are two different control panels and various components and devices that have been included for this very purpose. The CYHF control panel is qualified to EN54 Part 2 and 4.Using a Cygnus IOU device this conventional panel can link into the Cygnus fire alarm system. This means the Cygnus system on-site is allowed to communicate with the wireless alarm system installed in a temporary accommodation unit.The control panel talks (by means of the translator module that is linked to the system) to all of the CYHF wireless units around site. The panel is surface mounted and is available in 2 or 4 zone models; it is easily installed and very user friendly. There are on-board fire and fault relays, alert inputs and a joint keypad / key switch entry.

With a capability to connect to 32 wireless alarm and detector devices, the translator module can be incorporated into a wired system if this is necessary. A wireless expander module is obtainable which will increase radio strength and connectivity beyond a single translator which relays the radio messages to further expander devices or straight to the wireless detectors, core units or sounders.

Some devices are able to be connected to the control panels, including heat detectors, smoke detectors, sounder bases, sounder and beacon bases and sensor detectors; all of which conform to EN54 for use in temporary accommodation units (TAUs).Having the ability to pick up various kinds of smoke particles the optical smoke detector is able to avert nuisance alerts; the heat detector can be aligned to different settings such as fixed temperatures, rate or rise or high temperature; the multi-sensor detector is a joint smoke and heat sensor alarm; and there is a sounder and sounder/beacon base offering a visual indicator with a flashing beacon.