Creating An Exclusion Zone

Build sites are inherently dangerous places and the level of danger can change as a site progresses. When heavy machinery, such as earthmovers, diggers and, in particular, cranes are deployed, it heightens the risk posed to people. It may also be necessary to protect areas where hazardous materials, such as explosives or inflammables, are stored.

Protecting workers and the public is critical, especially where the danger could be life threatening or life changing. Relying on a few warning signs such as cones and cordon tape is insufficient. It’s crucial to create a warning system that is impossible to ignore.

The Cynus Exclusion Alarm System from Bull Products casts a net around a protected, high risk area. Curtain detectors and camera systems can be positioned around the site in advantageous areas – such as on hoardings or barriers, or on portable wheeled trolleys. If the area is encroached on by a worker or member of the public, a loud siren is activated along with a flashing beacon. This warning will then continue until the area is safe again.   

The system is also useful for deterring intruders from entering a site. It’s common for thrill seeking intruders to climb cranes, and the Cygnus Exclusion Aarm is the ideal solution for this.

BAM Construction has partnered with Bull Products to create exclusion zones on a Helston Community College development. An exclusion zone was created around the site during the installation of structural steel and pre-cast concrete planks. The system was activated when lifting commenced.

The system can also include a camera to record any triggering events. The system can also be customised to include a “double knock” feature, which stops it from being triggered by one-off movements. The first incident alerts the control panel, and any second movement triggers the sirens and a flashing beacon.

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