Chaucer House

Project Title

Chaucer House





Main Contractors

RG Group

Project Value


A range of Cygnus alarm systems were installed at Chaucer House in Portsmouth including Cygnus Fire Call Points & First Aid Alarms, heat detectors and Bull’s Fire, First Aid and Spill Responder Stations.

The team worked with construction specialist, RG Group, to ensure workers’ safety remained a top priority during the development of Chaucer House which features over 800 bedrooms.

Simon Felstead, senior project manager at RG Group, says: “We were really pleased with how the Cygnus alarm system performed. The system met the needs of the project and the responder stations ensured workers had all the right safety equipment to hand in an emergency.”

Ross Markham, managing director at Bull Products, adds: “It has been great to be a part of the Chaucer House project. The site went through several construction phases but due to the flexibility of the Cygnus alarm system, the safety on site wasn’t compromised.”

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