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The home of site safety

Housebuilding currently accounts for 60% of new construction work in the UK[1], and with the current housing crisis, more and more homes are required each year. With the Government’s goal of building 341,000 homes by 2031 in order to meet demand, there will be an increasing number of housebuilding construction sites in development across the […]


Enhancing fire protection standards on construction sites

It is a tragic reality that fires can, and do, cause long-term injuries, financial loss and even fatalities. Construction sites are high-risk environments where fires can spread quickly. Both small and large construction projects must ensure that fire safety needs are managed from the earliest stages in order to protect workers and the public. How […]


Don’t let your workers down

Falls from height are the construction industry’s biggest killer, with an average of 19 fatal injuries per year as a result.[1]   In recent news, there have been several investigations into the risks associated with working at height. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigations have highlighted that risk assessments conducted onsite are often too […]


Maximise high-rise fire safety with the Cygnus alarm system

In the next five years, around 541 new high-rise buildings will be constructed in London[1], but with these developments comes a large amount of risk for employees including the breakout of fires and managing those fire risks. Construction companies and employees must be aware of the fire risks of working on high-rise buildings, and more […]


How to manage the risk of fires in the workplace

Recent research has revealed that the majority of fires that rescue services attend to take place in commercial buildings, with many being recorded as ‘workplace incidents’. A fire breaking out in the workplace is nothing short of a business nightmare. Not only is there the threat of losing costly business equipment and stock, but a […]