Which Fire Point Trolley is Right for Your Site?

In an emergency, every second is vital in order to protect workers. But having the correct fire safety equipment on site and ensuring its easily accessible could be the difference between life and death.

Here at Bull, we’re always looking at ways to provide innovative solutions that will enhance safety on site and protect workers.

Ideal for use on construction sites, large factories and workshops, our Fire Point Trolleys can be safely placed around your site and located where they are needed the most. Additionally, they are fully customisable to ensure you have all the equipment right there at your fingertips.

Which Fire Point Trolley is right for your site?

Single Fire Extinguisher Trolley

Suitable for holding one fire extinguisher, our Single Fire Extinguisher Trolley is ideal for smaller projects, and is constructed from a robust powder coated frame to ensure maximum durability. The frame can fit a rotary alarm bell and can be installed in a variety of domestic and commercial settings.

This Single Fire Extinguisher Trolley can be swiftly located to a fire, and is also the safest and most secure way of storing your extinguisher when it’s not in use.

Double Contractor Fire Extinguisher Trolley

Designed for use on construction sites, or in large factories to draw attention to where the fire equipment is located, our Double Contractor Fire Extinguisher Trolley is suitable for two 9kg / 9ltr fire extinguishers.

Extremely robust, the trolley has a red powder coated finish for extra protection against the elements. The Double Contractor Fire Extinguisher Trolley can also fit through a doorway easily and can be adapted with a cabinet to protect your fire extinguishers from extreme weather conditions and vandalism.

There is also room for signage, an alarm, and a snap frame to display fire escape routes.

Compact Double Contractor Trolley

Suitable for sites with restricted space, and where less fire protection equipment is required, this lightweight and small trolley can be placed almost anywhere around site – an ideal fire protection solution to protect your site and workforce at all times.

The Compact Double Contractor Trolley is constructed from mild steel and features wheels for easy manoeuvrability. Additionally, it is powder coated for durability and protection.

Triple Fire Extinguisher Trolley

Capable of carrying three 9kg/9ltr extinguishers, the Triple Fire Extinguisher Trolley has been designed for use on construction sites, warehouses, factories, and much more.

The Triple Fire Extinguisher Trolley is extremely robust and has been fitted with pre-prepared holes for fixtures of a rotary alarm bell to ensure workers are alert in the case of an emergency.

The trolley can be fitted with a double or triple size extinguisher cabinet for extra protection during harsh weather conditions. The fire point trolley is also available in a Double Fire Extinguisher Trolley.

Specialist advice you can count on

At Bull, we supply the building and construction industry with purpose-made, reliable, specialist fire protection.

For advice on customising your trolley, extinguisher combinations and other fire safety information, talk to one of our team of knowledgeable and friendly advisors who can mock up a prototype for you. Contact us on 01432 806806 / enquiries@bullproducts.co.uk

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