What’s New at Bull Products

First Day Back

We’re well into the beginning of an exciting new year! Our first day back seems like a long time ago now but we’d like to share a couple of photos from our event at Stanbrooke Abbey. The day began with our company’s vision for the year as well as the future and we were fortunate to have The Speaker with The Orange Tie join us for a truly motivational session.

New System

January was a ‘full-on’ month, including the implementation and move over to our new system that will enable us to improve our customer service from great to off-the-scale!

We have had more lovely people join our team but it’s our relationships with our highly valuable customers that are key to our success. Getting feedback from all of our clients regarding our service and product offering is essential and it helps us to provide solutions for all manner of specifications. Bespoke and adaptable systems are becoming more popular with the everchanging scene of construction sites and the progression in technology.

Free Fire Safety Log Book

In January we released a free download on our website in the form of a Fire Safety Log Book. This book has been designed for construction sites and if opened in Adobe acrobat reader, site plans can be uploaded onto dedicated pages. There are location and service records and activation records and service checklists for Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Extinguishers, Signage and Emergency Lighting.

Cygnus Devlopments

Cygnus is constantly evolving and new product ideas are always on the go. We’re currently working on perfecting a new exclusion zone alarm system but its name is yet to be finalised. There are some test products already installed on a couple of sites in London, so watch this space!

More to come

We’ve got a lot more planned in the pipeline for 2018, so be sure to check back regularly – or bookmark us, to stay informed of the latest developments.

The home of site safety

Housebuilding currently accounts for 60% of new construction work in the UK[1], and with the current housing crisis, more and more homes are required each year. With the Government’s goal of building 341,000 homes by 2031 in order to meet demand, there will be an increasing number of housebuilding construction sites in development across the […]


Enhancing fire protection standards on construction sites

It is a tragic reality that fires can, and do, cause long-term injuries, financial loss and even fatalities. Construction sites are high-risk environments where fires can spread quickly. Both small and large construction projects must ensure that fire safety needs are managed from the earliest stages in order to protect workers and the public. How […]