What does PPE actually mean?

What does PPE actually mean?

Is it that dreaded word that depicts unfitting hi-vis jackets and clumpy oversized boots?

No, it doesn’t have to.

Personal Protective Equipment includes items such as helmets, safety glasses and gloves. The whole idea of the Personal bit is that the items you wear are just for you, they fit perfectly and are comfortable to work in. Hi-vis jackets do spring to mind when the word PPE comes up, but although these are important there are more items, such as steel-toe-capped boots with impenetrable soles, that play just as vital a role.

What can happen without PPE?

Well, anything you want to have nightmares about! Depending on what sort of dangers are present here are some:

  • Partial or full blindness from flying particles solids or liquids,
  • Head and neck injuries from falling materials or a fall could lead to paralysis,
  • Damaged lungs from inhaling contaminated air or poisonous gasses could end in lung cancer
  • Peeling or corroding skin from contact with corrosive and harmful chemicals……the list goes on.

Why take the risk?

It’s your body, your life, your decision.

Some Great Solutions to prevent injuries.

Eye Protection – See our eye protection products

  • Goggles
  • Safety Spectacles
  • Visors
  • Face shields
  • Face Screens

Head & Neck Protection – see our head protection range

  • Industrial safety helmets
  • Hair nets

Ear Protection – see our ear protection range

  • Earplugs
  • Earmuffs

Hands & Arms – see our range of gloves & gauntlets

  • Gloves (with or without cuff)
  • Gauntlets and sleeving to cover up some/all of arm

Feet & Legs

  • Safety boots & shoes with protective toe caps and impenetrable soles
  • Specialist wellington boots
  • Specific footwear e.g. chainsaw boots


Respiratory protective equipment (dust masks, gas masks and breathing apparatus)

Whole Body

  • Reusable or disposable overalls
  • Chemical suits
  • Aprons
  • Boiler suits

Be safe Be seen. – see our hi-vis clothing range, which incorporates some fire retardant items.

Remember This:

If you’re casual – you’ll become a casualty!


We can help you!

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