Tips To Improve Fire Safety In The Office

Fire safety is a critical and important matter. In any building, there should be strict, rehearsed procedures and measures in place so that people can safely evacuate and fire damage can be minimalized and kept under control.

Here at Bull Products, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and understanding of fire protection which is why we are one of the leading suppliers of fire and safety equipment. Providing effective, safe and efficient products, such as fire extinguishers, smoke/heat/CO2 detectors and fire proof storage, you can trust our products to be there when you need them most.

Nothing is more important to us than your safety, which is why we make sure that our products comply with the fire safety regulations and are of the highest quality, ensuring that maximum safety can be attained.

There can be a lot of pressure and attention on you when devising a fire safety strategy. If any risk is missed, overlooked or not accounted for, the consequences can be life-threatening. It is always worth consulting the fire regulations and health and safety standards, but if you work in an office, there are few things you should consider:


– Ensure a thorough risk assessment is carried out, ensuring no eventually is ruled out.
– Once these are identified, look at ways to reduce these risks and identify any safety measures.
– Make sure that once these procedures are in place that they are continually reviewed, rehearsed and controlled.
– Keep records of assessments and incidents.

Common Causes

– Electricity – neglect/ misuse/ overuse of electrical components and wires
– Smoking – un-extinguished cigarette butts are one of the most common causes so ensure there is a smoking area in place and that cigarettes are disposed of properly
– Cooking – Ensure that appliances are used sensibly and always turned off when not in use


– Install smoke detectors throughout the workplace and make sure employees know where the nearest fire exit and extinguishers are.
– Don’t overload electrical circuits. Use a circuit breaker or call in an electrician to have a look at your circuit.
– Look out for unusually warm appliances as there may be an electrical fault – and unplug any unused appliances.

From signage through to protection and clothing, be sure to enlist the help of Bull Products when considering fire safety in the workplace. Check out our website or call 0844 669 1111 for honest and knowledgeable advice.