Three Questions to Answer Before Installing a Fire Extinguisher

Fires on construction sites are usually an unexpected occurrence, however when do they happen, they can have devastating consequences which can damage a business and put workers at risk.

Having the correct fire extinguishers located around your site can mean the difference between life and death. Here at Bull, our ambition is to provide guidance and life-saving equipment that can protect workers and sites to the highest standards.

Before implementing fire extinguishers for your construction site, it’s important to ask yourself the following three questions:

Have you provided the sufficient number of fire extinguishers for your site?

The number and type of fire extinguishers needed depends on the fire hazard which will be identified through your risk assessment.

Your risk assessment will detail the factors that could put your site at risk, and more importantly, ensure you have all the correct fire safety equipment to hand in the event of an emergency.

Do you have the correct fire extinguishers?

One of the most important factors is to ensure the right fire extinguishers are available on site which will ensure damage can be minimalised and injuries can be prevented.

At Bull, we stock and supply more than 50 regulation-compliant fire extinguishers, so no matter what your environment or the risk posed, we can keep your workplace safe.

Remember the extinguishers should be appropriate to the nature of the potential fire:

– Wood, paper and cloth – water extinguisher
– Flammable liquids – dry powder or foam extinguisher
– Electrical – carbon dioxide (C02) extinguisher

Are the fires extinguishers clearly located and securely mounted to the wall?

In the event of a fire, it is vital that your fire extinguishers are clearly located and easy to access. Fire extinguishers should be located at identifiable fire points at each storey exit and these should be serviced and maintained regularly.

Put your fire safety in our safe hands

At Bull, our expert engineers can assess the specific risks for your work environment and advise on the appropriate types of extinguishers required to keep your work environment safe and your business compliant.

We can also provide specialist training in fire safety awareness, as well as give advice on how to operate extinguishers safely.

Not only that, but at Bull, we can arrange all fire extinguisher servicing and repair, and if it makes financial sense for your business, you can even hire fire extinguishers direct from us.

For more information about our extinguishers and fire safety services available for your business, talk to one of our team of knowledgeable and friendly advisors on 01432 806806 /