The Difficulties of Construction Safety & How Cygnus Can Help

Ensuring safety must be a priority on any construction site, but this is easier said than done – especially with a large construction project. This is why the elite emergency alarm system created by Cygnus is such an important innovation.

It has been designed in conjunction with major construction organisations, it is CE certified and it has unique and revolutionary features not available with any other system.

How the Cygnus System Can Help in a Medical Emergency

Cygnus is the first alarm system that comes with a specific first-aid alert. Imagine the scenario, one of your team is seriously injured and needs prompt medical attention. Setting off an alarm can be confusing if it is misunderstood to mean that everyone needs to evacuate the area. The other option is to go looking for the first-aid officer or use some other means to try to contact them such as a radio – the problem is that this can waste time, particularly on expansive sites.

The beauty of the Cygnus alarm system is that it has a specific alarm sound that is only used for first-aid emergencies. It can also be linked to a paging system, so the people who need to be notified get the message right away. The central control panel is also going to bleep and provide details about the part of the site where the emergency is taking place.

How the Cygnus System Deals with Fire

The priority with any type of fire is to get people to safety as soon as possible. The Cygnus system has both heat and smoke detectors, and if a fire is detected, it triggers a loud alarm (120 decibels) and each alarm pack also has a flashing beacon. The system is joined together by Category 1 high performance radios, and these can function even in built up areas where there are many radio signals – the devices have also been designed to operate outside. The evacuation alarm is enough to alert everyone on the site to make their way to safety – an alert is also going to appear in the central alarm system.

Cygnus Alarms Are Perfect for Large Construction Projects

The Cygnus alarm system is able to divide a large construction project into up to 15 separate zones. It is also going to be possible to use this alarm system to cover multiple sites in close proximity – you can design it so each site has its own sub-system. The fact that the radios used with this alarm system are Category 1 means you benefit from maximum range, and the control panel makes it easy to control everything from a central location.

The team here at Bull Products are ready to help you ensure safety on your construction site with the help of the Cygnus Alarm System. Contact us now if you have any questions or if you are ready to benefit from this unique and innovative product.