The Bull guide to fire safety

Loss of life due to a fire on a construction site is rare, yet at the start of 2019 there was a reported spike in construction site fires.

At Bull, our mission is to secure the safety of your site and workers. We’ve put together a 5-step checklist to ensure your site is safe and protected in 2020 and beyond.

Carry out a fire risk assessment

The first place to start is to carry out a fire risk assessment. This will help you to identify any potential risks onsite and plan ahead to protect your site and workers. Here at Bull, we follow a seven step process that forms part of our Fire 360 strategy:

  • Identify the hazards
  • Identify peope at risk
  • Eliminate, control or avoid the hazards
  • Assess existing provisions
  • Record findings
  • Prepare emergency plan
  • Periodic review of assessment.

Install the correct fire safety equipment

From fire extinguishers to fire alarms, it is vital that your site is protected with the correct fire safety equipment,

There are various fire extinguishers that are suitable for fighting different fires, so it’s important that you have the correct one installed for the potential risks associated with your site. We stock over 50 regulation-compliant fire extinguishers to keep your workplace protected no matter what risk is posed.

A reliable fire alarm system ensures anyone onsite can be alerted in the case of an emergency. Our Cygnus Wireless Alarm System has been chosen to protect some of the most high-profile construction projects across the country, including Battersea Power Station, Crossrail and the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Equipment maintenance

Keeping your fire safety equipment correctly maintained and stored is key to ensuring its proper use. We offer an asset management service that means businesses can get the most out of their fire protection equipment, while reducing costs in the long-term.

Staff training

All staff onsite should be familiar with the evacuation procedure, location of fire protection equipment and how to use it, as well as the onsite detection and alarm systems. Staff also need to be made aware of the risks associated with their working environment and the point of contact should an emergency arise.

Bull’s range of resources include training videos, manuals and tests that can be issued to staff to guarantee maximum fire safety for your next project.

To find out more about how Bull can protect your site, contact the team on 01432 371170 or