Special Offer On Plant Nappy – All Sizes

Whether you work in the construction, maintenance or plant and tool industries, protecting the equipment you use is one of the most important things to consider. Not only that, it is important to consider the environment around you and ensuring that the work you are carrying out is not harmful to your surroundings.

With safety and protection at the top of our agenda, we here at Bull Products offer some of the most expansive and diverse products that are designed with your safety and protection in mind. The quality of our products is complimented by high level of our customer service.

Enhance Your Site Safety

As specialists in site safety, we make sure that nothing is taken for granted when it comes to your safety. One of our stand-out products is our eco-friendly Plant Nappys that are designed to protect both environment and the working site from spills and leaks from small plant and heavy duty machinery.

Oil spills, fuel and leaks can be harmful to the environment if not managed properly, as well as causing considerable health and safety hazards to near-by individuals. Our small, medium and large sized Plant Nappys are the ideal addition to ensure a safe working environment, with the ability to be deployed quickly and transported with ease.

Protect Your Environment & Equipment

The durable and waterproof materials used absorb fuel and oil and can be used in wet weather enhancing the completion time of your projects. Reusable and long-lasting, we recommend using our Plant Nappy Liner to help elongate the life of your plant nappy. The liner inside can be easily removed for cleaning and replacement should it be necessary.

With special offers on all our sizes, now is the perfect time to enhance your business, your projects and more importantly, ensure the protection of our environment. For more information on our Plant Nappys or any of our fire protection and safety products, be sure to give one of our team a call on 0844 669 1111 or contact us online here.