Fire Alarm Servicing

Servicing of temporary fire alarms is carried out in accordance with current standard code of practice every 6 months minimum.

For the Cygnus alarm system we would usually recommend a service at 6 and 12 monthly intervals. We can save your site details into our Service Schedule so that we can seek approval to attend your premises when the alarms are due for service.

At 6 months a visual check of all of the units, with a few units picked at random in proportion to the amount of equipment on site, are fully serviced and any batteries showing low on the Panel are replaced. The Control Panel history is also checked, firmware updates are added and our engineer will ensure full mesh network connection is established.

At 12 months every unit on site is fully serviced and a replacement battery installed. Any broken/ damaged parts are replaced or substituted with complete new units if beyond repair (we can advise new units as a recommendation if preferred). Again the Control Panel history will be checked, firmware dates are added and full mesh network connection is established.

To arrange a service of your wireless fire alarm system please contact our service team via the phone or email detailed below.

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