Dry Riser Servicing
  • Purpose built dry riser testing unit with 1000 gallon tank
  • Service carried out by skilled technicians for the annual wet test of dry risers and provide a 6 month-ly mechanical inspection if required; to ensure that dry risers on multi-storey sites are in prefect working order, should the fire brigade need to use them.
  • Safe and secure testing
  • Water provided from the on-board 1000 gallon tank, thereby reducing the requirement for numer-ous lengths of hazardous lay-flat hose.
  • On arrival to site our technicians will cordon off the area, making it safe and will mechanically in-spect the system. When this preparation is complete the system is filled and pressurised to the cur-rent standard.
  • Repairs are carried out using British Standard approved parts
  • When a water test is complete the water is drained back into the tank and reused.