Air Cushion System Servicing

Our bag inspectors will only carry out inspections on bags that are easily accessible and are readily available for inspection. Bull Products provides a risk assessment and method statement for all works carried out in this regard. Only Impact-Bull air cushions will be serviced with the following procedure.

  • Check year of manufacture and date of last inspection.
  • Examine the outer casing for any rips, tears or damage. Bags with holes greater than 2 inches in length/ diameter shall be condemned.
  • Inspect the fastening buckles for damage. These must be fully operational. Replace missing buckles and sliders.
  • Remove any build-up of mortar or mud with a stiff hand brush.
  • Inspection of air cushions on site – by the same method as filling the cushion in the manufacturing process the volume of fill shall be the test method. The air pocket volume must completely fill the outer cushion.
  • Bags that have passed all of the above tests will be spray marked with a coloured dot (except red) on one corner of the bag.
  • Failed bags will be marked with a red ‘X’, and these must be removed from service immediately.
  • Bull Products can provide a chargeable collection service for condemned bags upon request.
  • Upon completion of inspection a full report/ certificate is submitted to the site representative which is signed by both parties. The inspector can only determine “fit for purpose” of bag at the time of inspection. It is the responsibility of the user/ contractor to inspect bags prior to each use

To arrange an air cushion inspection please contact our service team via the contact details below.

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