Cygnus Wireless Alarm System

The Cygnus Wireless Alarm System, manufactured by Bull Products, sets the benchmark in innovation in wireless emergency fire, first aid and intruder alarms for construction sites. Designed for performance and reliability, Cygnus system is the most adaptable temporary mesh fire alarm system for use in the construction industry.

Cygnus can link up to 480 individual devices in 15 different zones, including fire alarm call points, first aid alert points, smoke detectors, heat detectors, combined fire call point/first aid alert alarm and interface units.

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Cygnus Control Panels

Cygnus Control Panel (480 addresses)

The control panel is an optional element of any Cygnus system, used to capture data from up to 480 devices situated around a site. The control panel is mains powered but has its own internal rechargeable battery power source, which fully charged, will last four weeks. The panel also includes an evacuate site function and is also used to switch intruder sensors on or off.

Cygnus Base Panel (32 addresses)

The base panel has been developed as a small site system panel and can used to capture data from a maximum of 32 devices situated around a site.  The base panel has limited software and functionality compared with the CYG1 Cygnus control panel but is the perfect solution for smaller construction sites.

Cygnus Fire and First Aid Call Points

Cygnus Fire Call Point Alarm

The Cygnus fire call point alarm operates using a single battery pack and can be used externally. This radio alarm device also works as a standalone alarm unit. The device is IP65 rated  has a 110 decibel sounder and an LED beacon for visual alerts.  Activating a call point results in a site wide alert.
The CYG2PIR is the Cygnus Fire Call Point Alarm with PIR intruder sensor.

Cygnus Fire Call Point Alarm 85 Decibel

The Cygnus 85 decibel call point alarm is IP65 rated, so suitable for external use.  These devices are built with a quieter sounder for areas where a 110 decibel level is inappropriate. This device does not include a flashing beacon.
The CYG2/85DBPIR Cygnus Fire Call Point Alarm 85dB (no beacon) c/w PIR intruder sensor

Cygnus Fire Call Point and First Aid Alarm

The Cygnus fire call point and first aid alarm combination is IP65 rated and has all features of the CYG2 alarm but also has alert functionality for first aid emergencies.
The CYG2FPIR Cygnus Fire Call Point and First Aid Alert Alarm
c/w PIR intruder sensor

Cygnus First Aid Alert Point

Once triggered, the IP65-rated Cygnus first aid alert point alert beeps intermittently every eight seconds at 85 decibels. The control panel notifies the user of the exact location within a zone where the alarm has been triggered for quick identification of the search area.
The CYG5PIR Cygnus First Aid Call Point Alarm c/w PIR intruder sensor

Cygnus Heat and Smoke Detectors

Cygnus Heat Detector

Cygnus heat detectors provide 24/7 essential protection on all types of temporary sites. The detectors, with an 85 decibel sounder, work in the radio mesh to transmit and receive radio messages from other alarms to help site-wide radio performance. Thermistor technology registers changes in temperatures and, if necessary, activates the alarm. GSM functionality means your site is protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The CYG3LPIR Cygnus Heat Detector c/w PIR Intruder Sensor

Cygnus Smoke Detector

Cygnus smoke detectors have optical smoke sensors that provide essential detection in and out of working hours and are particularly effective in site accommodation units. The detector activates the alarm and 85 decibel sounder when a preset threshold of smoke penetrates  the sensing chamber.
The CYG4LPIR Cygnus Smoke Detector c/w PIR intruder sensor

PIR Intruder Sensor

The patented PIR intruder functionality is available on all Cygnus alarms to utilise fire, first aid alarms and detectors for intruder activations. PIR works with the CYG1-GSM/GPRS control panel and sends users an SMS text alert should an intrusion occur.

Cygnus Input/Output Interface

The Cygnus input/output unit interfaces with other fire systems, turnstile gate entry systems, and door release systems. In the case of an alarm activation, the interface triggers the door release and deactivates the turnstile for quick evacuation.

Linear Heat Cable

The linear heat cable is a solution for fire protection on scaffolding. If a fire occurs, the core and insulation of the linear heat cable are designed to burn and fuse at a pre-determined 65ºC, 85ºC or 100ºC, which causes a short circuit. The linear heat cable is cleverly integrated with Bull Products’ Cygnus Wireless System, which then triggers the alarm, and alerts safety managers to the incident, including out of hours.

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Cygnus Lockdown Panel and Alarm

The Cygnus Lockdown alarm system has been developed primarily for the education market to protect and warn of an intruder or other critical event. The system comprises of a control panel and remote devices that connect to each other through a wireless mesh network. Alarm devices can be located in each teaching area, so when the alarm is activated the staff and pupils will follow the lockdown procedure. An alarm device also has a call point which can be activated by the staff member in any area just like a fire call point system.
The lockdown alarm control panel is an optional element to notify a responsible person of an active alarm, to quickly identify the location of the activation and alert the authorities.
The system can be interfaced with the premises public address system using a Cygnus Input/Output device.
Further features can be added such as GSM notifications using a Cygnus Fire panel (CYG1) and Autodialler (AUTODI04-C) which can communicate an emergency to 50 users.

Cygnus Crane Cab Alarm

The added benefit of a Cygnus crane alarm has been added to the Cygnus Fire alarm range. This unit like other Cygnus Devices has a call point and Sounder/ Beacon. The sounder operates at 75db @ 1m and is located in the cab of a crane.
The device also has an emergency first aid button for the crane driver to activate should he/she become unwell. The unit is different to our CYG2F as it has a lower sound pressure level and separate beacon. The sounder can be disconnected if the beacon is deemed sufficient to raise an alarm to the driver.

Cygnus Fire Alarm Assembly Point

The Cygnus Fire Assembly device is designed to be located at the fire assembly or muster point. This device has a green beacon which will flash when the fire alarm is raised. This device does not have a sounder fitted due to it being installed at the emergency assembly point but is designed to attract site personal towards the green beacon when an alarm is raised. This unit can be supplied with a manual call point to raise an alarm from the assembly point if required.

Cygnus Work at Height Alarm

The Cygnus work at height alarm has been developed for contractors whilst carrying out dangerous tasks whilst working at height. The unit can be triggered when any unsafe work or emergency occurs to quickly alert the site managers and to aid a speedy emergency plan.

Exclusion Zone

This adaptive system is designed specifically for construction sites to give warning of danger and exclusion zones. Applications include areas where plant is being operated, crane and lifting operations, and dangerous ‘out-of-bounds’ locations. The ExclusionZone range includes (but is not limited to)

  • Call Point Alarm
  • Beacon only Alarm
  • Base Station
  • Backboard/mount for alarm units
Cygnus ScaffAlarm

ScaffAlarm is a unique intruder detection system designed to deter attempted break-ins or access to higher levels of scaffolding. The system connects up to 32 PIR detection devices which have a 110 decibel sounder, beacon alarm and are linked on a fully wireless mesh which communicates back to a control panel. The system can be fitted with an auto dialler for quick notification back to a site manager or security guard. The system can also be connected into the Cygnus fire and first aid alarm system providing full site security.