Saving Lives – Health & Safety

It is a popular mantra among the tabloid press, and one that you will find repeated across the media regularly, but is Health & Safety at Work really ‘going mad’ or is it helping to save lives?

In 1974 the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) was introduced, bringing in legislation designed to reduce occurrences of workplace injury and illness, but nearly 40 years on – is it working?

The statistics speak for themselves.

In the four decades since the introduction of the HSWA fatal injuries have fallen by 85%, with 148 workers killed at work during 2012/13. In fact, just looking back ten years shows a stark difference, with 226 people killed at work during 2002/03 – a drop of 34.5%. As regards to non-fatal workplace injuries these have fallen by 77%, down to 78,000 for 2012/13.

So with such positive results, why such negativity towards health and safety?

Part of the problem is down to overzealous application of health and safety rather than the actual principles behind it. A recent news story reported that a wheelie bin whose lid was left ajar by a trapped plastic bag wasn’t emptied for health and safety reasons – despite the bin not being full.

It is news stories like this that lead to the perception that we are being overrun by over-the-top health and safety rules that defy common sense – yet these are the exception not the rule.

Another issue is that companies and organisations are having to enact tighter health and safety standards in a response to the soaring number of personal injury claims ever since the introduction of no win-no fee firms. Concerned by the potential impacts of someone being injured and suing as a result, they are left with no choice but to take precautions that may otherwise appear unnecessary.

Far from being out of control, health and safety legislation has ultimately been responsible for a huge drop in the numbers of serious and fatal injuries in the workplace. Here at Bull Products we supply a wide range of quality products that can make your business a safer place.

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