Safeguard Your Workforce – Fall Arrest Systems

Did you know falls from height remain a common cause of workplace fatality? They are also the second most common accident likely to happen to workers on construction sites.

At Bull, the safety of our workers is one of our top priorities. For the past 10 years, we have been developing our fall arrest equipment in line with health and safety legislations.

Although falls can’t always be prevented, installing an Impact-Bull Fall Arrest System can reduce the risk of injury.

So how does it work?

The large lightweight air-filled cushions are designed to provide a safe landing, and will break a fall to help keep your workforce safe.

Each cushion is filled with ‘sealed for life’ air pockets and linked together to create a giant inflatable life-saving jigsaw cushion. With low inflation pressure, the cushions absorb the weight of a fall without causing major injury.

For maximum flexibility, the cushions link together with quick-release buckles, allowing the system to be configured to fit the space required, whilst also enabling it to be moved from site to site so it can be used time and time again.  

How do they differ from other systems?

The Impact-Bull® Fall Arrest System cushions are filled with air. There are no flammable fillings which ensure our systems always meet fire safety regulations.

With a fall arrest height of 3.1m from finished floor level to working height, Impact-Bull® has a higher fall rating than any other fall arrest system on the market. It means that our system can protect workers working in properties with higher ceilings – revolutionising the way construction at height operates.

It has been primarily developed for house building and, given its composition of exclusively fire safety compliant materials, it can be used in timber-framed developments, concrete structures and traditional brick built properties.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in our Impact-Bull® Fall Arrest System:

Easy to install

Each Impact-Bull® air cushion takes just 30 seconds to inflate.

Freedom of movement, total peace of mind

Construction workers can confidently work harness-free – giving them greater freedom to move around.

Easy to maintain

Cushions can be refilled and replacement parts are available. And, for extra peace of mind, an annual service by one of our team of dedicated inspectors will help keep the system in perfect working condition.

Fire safety compliant

Air filled cushions eliminate the need for flammable fillings, ensuring the Impact-Bull® fall arrest system meets all fire safety regulations.

Fully tested to PAS 59

The Impact-Bull® Air Cushion System has been put through strenuous tests by the National Engineering Laboratory to conform to the British Standard PAS 59 for filled corrective fall arrest systems.

Expert advice you can rely on

At Bull, we pride ourselves on the expertise we give to help businesses protect their employees.

For more information and advice about the options available for your business, talk to one of our team of knowledgeable and friendly advisors on 01432 806806 /