Protect Your Site With Bull’s Fire Safety Equipment Stands

In an emergency, every second counts, so it’s crucial to ensure your workers can easily locate fire and safety equipment. At Bull Products, we produce a range of robust and versatile Fire Point Stands that are ideal for storing a variety of fire and safety equipment and signage.

Perfect for use on construction sites, large factories, and workshops, our Fire Point Stands are fully customisable and are a guaranteed way to ensure you have all the equipment you need in a prominent and secure place.

Here at Bull, we’re always looking at ways to ensure our products protect workers and sites to the highest health and safety standards possible, and provide customers with innovative and bespoke solutions to meet their needs. Our range of Fire Safety Equipment Stands are just one way you can protect your site and workers.

Wheeled Fire Point/Extinguisher Stand

Ideal for use on construction sites or in large factories, our Wheeled Fire Point/Extinguisher Stands draw attention to where the fire equipment is located.

Extremely robust, the stand has a red powder coated finish for extra protection against the elements, and can be moved around sites to provide safety where it is most needed.

It can be used as a first aid point, a spill control centre for toxic chemicals, a PPE safety equipment point, as well as for many other applications.

The Wheeled Fire Point Stand is H1800mm x W870mm, and can hold one to four fire extinguishers to ensure you have all the right equipment all in one place.

Static Fire Point Stand

Designed for use on construction sites, in large factories, and chemical plants, the Static Fire Point Stand is extremely robust and is built to stand up against the elements.

Highly versatile, it can be used to store fire safety, first aid and PPE equipment, or it can be used as a spill control centre. The stand is finished with a red powder coated finish, and can accommodate between one and four fire extinguishers.

The Static Fire Point Stand is H1800mm x W870mm, and can be used to display critical safety information and equipment to ensure you have everything you need in one location.

Large Fire Point Stand with Double Cabinet

Constructed from heavy-duty powder coated steel, our Large Fire Point Stand with Double Cabinet comes in both a wheeled and static format. It is ideal for use on garage forecourts, construction sites, warehouses, chemical plants, exhibition halls and much more.

Built to last, our large stand is fully customisable and will ensure you have fire extinguishers, safety equipment, first aid boxes, sand buckets, and fire safety signage all in one place. It can also be fitted with our wireless alarm system if required.

Expert advice you can rely on

At Bull, we supply the building and construction industry with purpose-made, reliable, specialist fire protection.

If you require a special size or if you need to accommodate specific types of equipment, we’ll be happy to design and manufacture a bespoke product to suit your needs.

For advice on customising your trolley, extinguisher combinations and other fire safety information, talk to one of our team of knowledgeable and friendly advisors who can mock up a prototype for you. Contact us on 01432 806806 /

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