Fire and rescue services (FRS) attended 566,572 incidents in the year ending September 2017 – a three per cent increase compared with the previous year, according to the latest national statistics published by The Home Office.[1]

Yet the number of fires could be reduced by ensuring you have all the right equipment on site including heat detectors, which will ensure workers can swiftly respond to a fire before it spreads.

Here at Bull, our ambition is to ensure you are confident in choosing the right heat detector to protect your workers and site to the highest standards.

How do heat detectors work?

Heat detectors are used to help in the reduction of damaged property if a fire should break out, and therefore provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for your business.

They are designed to detect heat instead of smoke, which will ensure workers can react swiftly to a fire before it spreads. They can withstand very harsh environmental conditions and are useful in areas where there are high levels of fumes and dust such as warehouses.

Our range of heat detectors will ensure your business is protected at any cost.

Wireless Heat Detector

This wireless detector is an intelligent device and can be configured to different settings such as fixed temperature, rate of rise, or high temperature.

This unit can be used in any application including construction sites in Temporary Accommodation Units (TAU’s) which require a fully compliant fire alarm system to be fitted.

With a 5-year battery life, the Wireless Heat Detector comes with a standard radio base but can be supplied with a sounder or beacon base depending on the requirement.

Smoke and Heat Detector

This battery-powered stand-alone Smoke and Heat Detector is particularly sensitive at detecting slowly developing fires. This will guarantee workers are notified of the fire before it has spread rapidly, ensuring they can exit the building safely.

The Smoke and Heat Detector can also provide timely detection of fast, flaming fires that consume combustible materials rapidly and spread quickly.

Cygnus Heat Detector

Our Cygnus system is a major innovation in wireless emergency fire, first aid, and intruder alarms for construction sites, and has been used on some of the largest construction projects across the UK.

The Cygnus Heat Detector is an integral part of the system, providing essential detection in and out of working hours on all types of construction projects.

Tested to the highest measures, the Cygnus Heat Detector works in the radio mesh, and will help transmit and receive all other radio messages from other site alarms to help site wide radio performance.

With the new GSM functionality from the GSM control panel, site managers can ensure alerts are directly reported to a third-party monitoring station so that your site is protected around the clock.

Radio Link Heat Detector

The Radio Link Heat Detector is an alternative solution to the Cygnus heat detectors.

These economical heat detectors are not linked into the Cygnus radio mesh and are not addressable into the system. They are linked into the Cygnus system by way of the CYGDI detector interface which can control up to 11 smoke, heat or CO detectors which are coded together to avoid any interference.

Once you have a heat detector on site, it’s equally important to maintain the equipment to ensure proper use.

Specialist advice from the experts

At Bull, we pride ourselves on the expertise we give to help businesses protect their employees to the highest health and safety standards.

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