Fire First Responder Station with Cygnus : CYG2F Cygnus Fire Call Point and First Aid Alarm


The Fire First Responder Station is the first responder’s central point for fire safety equipment and alarm. The fire alarm can be connected to the cabinet to alert authorities when the door has been opened. The cabinet prevents extinguishers and other equipment from misuse, damage and weather elements.

This as standard product contains the following equipment:

– Double contractor trolley (red)
– Cygnus Wireless Fire Call Point Alarm (CYG2) or the Combined Fire and First Aid Alert Alarm (CYG2F – as shown)
– A4 display snap frame
– Double extinguisher cabinet (red)
– Cabinet anti-theft alarming switch functionality for fire and first aid cabinet into Cygnus Alarm
– Fire Point / Fire Action Sign (260 x 190mm) (self-adhesive)
– Powder extinguisher ID Sign
– Foam extinguisher ID Sign
– 9kg Powder Fire Extinguisher
– 9ltr Foam Fire Extinguisher


Fully customisable – Image for illustration purposes only

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