Linear heat detection

Following the Grenfell disaster, many apartment buildings are being re-clad with safer products. During the remedial work, it is essential that a robust fire detection system is in operation as most of the buildings are still occupied whilst work is undertaken. Many insurers are also stipulating that external and scaffold areas are protected from fire risk.

Bull Products has developed a Linear Heat Cable (LHC), where lengths of cable with two cores are installed under the floors of scaffold decks and around the scaffold surrounding the building. If a fire occurs, the core and insulation of the Linear Heat Cable are designed to burn and fuse at a certain temperature – this can be set to 65°C, 85°C or 100°C.

The linear heat cable is cleverly integrated with Bull Products’ Cygnus Wireless System, which then triggers the alarm, and alerts safety managers to the incident, including mobile phone alerts out of hours.

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