GSM Auto Dialler


The GSM Auto Dialler provides a simple yet effective solution for all of your security equipment notification needs.

Once triggered the Auto Dialler automatically sends a voice or text message to one of nine designated, pre-programmed telephone numbers, providing a fast and reliable warning, ensuring total peace of mind. Six inputs allow connection to intruder detection alarm panels, nurse call devices, and gas and flood sensors. The additional four outputs can be linked to other associated equipment including strobe, siren or sounder.

GSM Auto Dialler Programming App

This app enables you to programme and initiate certain actions with compatible GSM Auto quickly and easily from your Android phone. GSM Auto Dialler’s are used extensively within the Security and Environmental Monitoring Industry to notify you remotely via a voice message or SMS if an intrusion or event has occurred.
Before downloading and attempting to use this app, check with your installer or supplier whether your GSM Auto Dialler is compatible with this app.

Actions that can be accomplished by using this app include:
– Turn your Dialler on and off remotely
– Activate one of the Dialler’s outputs
– Program up to 9 different telephone numbers the Dialler should call if one of its inputs is triggered
– Select all or just some of the 9 telephone numbers to be called according to which input has been triggered
– Create different SMS messages that are sent out on each trigger
– Select whether regular test calls are made by the Dialler
– Return the Auto Dialler to factory default settings

This App is available to download for all iOS and android devices.

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