Ultra-Grime Anti-Bacterial and Virucidal Cleaning Wipes


Highly effective disinfectant cleaning wipes with outstanding microbiocidal performance.  These wipes are active against bacteria and viruses with dual action cleaning and disinfecting properties. Fast-acting and effective in even the most challenging environments including worktops, floors, washrooms and offices.

• sanitising efficiency passed and exceeds EN13727, EN1276, and EN14476
• proven 99.99% bacteria kill rate
• effective against viruses including Norovirus, Influenza A (H1N1), Herpes Simplex, Hepatitis C Virus, and COVID-19
• stays wet and usable for over 60 minutes
• 100 XXL per pack
• doesn’t dry out if packaging is left open
• hand safe/dermatologically tested – no harmful chemicals
• safe for hard surface sanitising
• effective within 60 seconds
• eliminates cross-contamination
• dispenses one wipe at a time
• plastic sealable lid
• large absorbency capacity
• dual action cleaner and sanitiser
• alcohol-free
Wipe size: 380mm x 250mm – double the size of standard cloth wipes

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