NEW Safe Storage of Your Hazardous Materials

Flammable and hazardous liquids are a major fire safety risk on construction sites and it’s vital to store these safely and correctly to contain spillages and protect workers.

We have introduced a new range of ‘walk-in’ heavy duty flammable storage units to enhance the safety on your construction site. These units are the perfect solution for storing larger quantities of chemicals and flammable substances.

Key features and benefits of the Heavy Duty Flammable Storage Range
– Manufactured to an exact standard throughout, this heavy-duty walk-in storage unit features a high-security anti-tamper door and fixed internal shelving.
– An innovative open steel door, which allows spillages to drain directly into the sump.
– These units can also be customised to suit your exact requirements.
– 30 minute fire resistance

Our range of heavy duty storage units are perfect for storing larger quantities of chemicals or flammable substances and come in 6 sizes to suit different requirements. View the new range here