New features revealed for SmartGate solution

Following the success of its SmartGate access control solution, Bull Products has launched new design features for this innovative product, providing enhanced protection for construction sites, car parks, perimeter gates, office buildings and warehouses. 

Offering ultimate site safety and complete control of access to sites, the SmartGate system features turnstiles which can be delivered to site with a fully integrated attendance software. This ensures easier, but controlled access to sites for visitors or workers with equipment, either on foot or via a vehicle entrance. 

SmartGate Turnstiles can also be joined together to ensure quicker access for large volumes of people accessing a site. The enhanced solution from Bull Products now uses access controls software with facial recognition, proximity or QR codes to allow entry. The turnstiles also have the ability to interface with temporary emergency alarm systems like Bull’s Cygnus Wireless Alarm System, which allow the turnstile to rotate freely in the event of an emergency, enabling speedy evacuation from the site. The turnstiles can also be installed to integrate with a customer’s existing access control software. 

The new enhanced solution also features Fusion Multimodal Terminal and Smart Facial Recognition Terminal to remove touchpoints making the site more Covid secure, whilst also offering a compact finger reader if required. The SmartGate QR reader is the perfect solution to enable multiple identification technologies for a variety of users including staff and visitors. Identification depends on the user-enabled technologies presenting a card, scanning a barcode, QR code or even activating a smartphone credential. 

SmartGate’s Proximity reader is ideal for construction sites of all sizes, and offers a safe, simple and cost-effective solution to keep track of operatives who are present on site. 

Matthew Trigwell, Sales Director at Bull Products explains, “With our newly enhanced SmartGate solution, access to a construction site may be given via facial recognition, proximity reader or QR reader. All three options monitor exactly who’s on the construction site and capture data that enables the site manager and the finance department to accurately calculate time and payments to sub-contractors.

“SmartGate provides a holistic, one stop solution, enabling site managers to both control who accesses their site as well as monitor time spent on their project. The new additions to SmartGate will ensure enhanced site safety whilst delivering projects that are completed on time and within budget.”

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