New Compact Double Contractor Trolley

Welcome to the launch of our new compact fire point trolley. It’s small and mobile which makes it ideal for smaller constructions sites where space is restricted or less safety protection equipment is required and is a more affordable solution. Constructed from mild steel, this trolley features wheels for manoeuvrability and is powder coated for durability, and protection against the elements. Its capacity is two 9kg or 9Ltr fire extinguishers with space for extinguisher ID and other safety signage on the backboard. If required, a battery alarm or a rotary alarm bell can be fixed to the back board. The backboard area is 400mm x 410mm so choose your equipment with this in mind. If you need advice on safety compliance please give our sales team a call, we can customise your fire point trolley with a range of fire safety and first aid products including customised signage and eyewash stations.

Every year there are a lot of serious fires on construction sites and buildings during a refurbishment that could have been prevented by careful planning and safety procedures. A fire on site threatens not only the safety of workers but causes great cost in damage and hinders development progress.

This compact fire point trolley helps you to protect your site and workforce; it can be placed almost anywhere around site and due to its light weight it can be moved around the site easily as the project progresses. Other uses and locations for this trolley could include garage forecourts, factories and warehousing.

We are soon implementing a new feature on our website which will vastly improve the process of ordering customised trolleys. Previous to this, customers would submit their specification and we would create a custom solution to suite the requirements and would then send them a mock-up for their approval. Soon you will be able to accomplish this in real time using our online configurator. Of course, if you still wish to have the personal touch, we will happily do this for you over the phone or by email.

Be sure to keep an eye on our website for this exciting new feature!

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